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Updated 10 May 2017!

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Digital Data can help you secure your business infrastructure from the inside and outside.  We don't just assess your network, we understand it and provide customized and relevant solutions to mitigate the risks poised to strike at your business.  This can be part of an interactive methodology where client associates are involved to learn the process and understand what needs to be done.

We can work with you to identify the security vulnerabilities inside your network (or on the outside!).

We don't just run some tools and then leave.  We work with your system administrators, staff, managers, auditors, and other personnel to understand how your business works and how we can mitigate the identified risks while keeping your business running efficiently.

In addition, we are experienced in Risk Management and have worked with small to global organizations to help realize the benefits and results of our work.

Talk to us. We Can Do It!

Digital Data can provide Penetration Testing of your network from an internal or external perspective.

We can use commonly available exploit tools, commercial programs, open-source tools, and many other resources to identify your weaknesses before the bad buys do.

Unlike some of the other firms which consider Risk Assessments and Penetration Tests to be synonymous, Digital Data works within the scope of our agreement to actually prove that the systems could have been compromised.

Digital Data can teach you and your staff.

Digital Data can provide customized training to your staff at your location or anyplace in the world.  We can provide customized training that brings in-depth technical and security information to your associates on the products that they are using.

Mixed with some light humor and real hands-on experience, we can educate without putting your staff to sleep!

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