Conference Presentations By George G. McBride As of 12 October 2011

Please Note:  All Presentations are available for download....

RSA San Francisco 2001:

RSA Asia-Pacific Conference Singapore 2001:

Hong Kong and Singapore Tour March 2003:

RSA Conference April 2003:

MIS Conference October 2003:

RSA Conference February 2004:

ISS World May 2004:

Information Security Forum October 2004:

MIS Conference 2004 October 2004:

Next Generation Networks November 2004:

WSTA Presentation April 2005:

Internet Telephony Conference May 2005:

Canadian InfoSec Summit May 2005:

CALA Road Show May 2005:

Gartner Security Forum Panel May 2005

Information Security Forum October 2005:

ISC2 Philadelphia Seminar November 2005:

MIS Annual Conference Orlando November 2005:

CSI Annual Conference DC November 2005:

ISC2 New York Seminar March 2006:

Lex Mundi Annual Conference NYC June 2006:

DeVry Presentation June 2006:

Institutional Investors NYC September 2006 Conference:

ASIS International Conference Hong Kong:

InfoSec World 2007:

RSA Conference 2010:

MIS Mobile Data Security 2011:

MIS IT Governance, Risk and Compliance 2012: