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This section will contain a list of frequently asked questions to the Digital Data Security Team.

What is a FAQ?

It is a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers!

What is "Ethical Hacking"

It is a more politically correct term that is used to indicate that we are doing a penetration test.  While we may use the tools, techniques, and thought processes of hackers and the bad guys, we play by the books and stay within bounds of any rules of engagement that are established and may include social engineering, physical access, and assumed levels of knowledge.

What is the difference between a penetration test and an assessment?

An assessment is meant to be a complete snapshot of the security stance of your architecture or infrastructure.  We will generally use our tools and meet with numerous members of your organization to understand what the weaknesses and vulnerabilities are.  In general, a penetration test is used to attempt to compromise the security of a particular aspect of your infrastructure such as a voice-mail system, remote access, or a particular web-server.  In a penetration test, all vulnerabilities may not be uncovered, but we will try to exploit the vulnerabilities that we find until we are able to compromise the security.