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What Can We Do For You?

Training And Presentations

Our team can provide customized training that can teach your security professionals, auditors, administrators, and management team everything from current risk trends such as wireless threats (and bluetooth), to how to perform a Penetration Test.

Ethical Hacking (aka Penetration Testing or Pen Testing)

To defend against malicious attackers, you need to identify your vulnerabilities before they do. Our "Ethical Hacking" team accomplishes this by providing a snapshot of the effectiveness of your security controls, including recommendations for improving your security controls.  Our team will use the tools and techniques of the bad guys to attempt to compromise your security and find the weaknesses.  Social Engineering optional!

Web Application Vulnerability Testing

These tests focus on the security of Web-based applications by attempting to exploit faulty application logic. Corrective Actions and recommendations are included which will increase the security of the application, host server, and network components that provide the web service

External Network Vulnerability Assessment

These assessments focus on the security of the network perimeter. The assessment checks the effectiveness of firewalls, routers, intrusion detection systems, operating systems, remote access points (VPN/Modems, etc) and services available to the Internet or un-trusted networks such as partners and joint ventures.

Internal Network Vulnerability Assessment

These assessments focus on the security of your internal networks and systems. The assessment identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities of internal network components such as servers, workstations, and network infrastructure components.  Our team can also search for and identify information assets that you weren't aware even existed on your network.

Information Technology Support

For our regular customers, we offer information technology support including installations, moves, updates, technology upgrades, emergency services repair, disaster recovery, and other services.